Under the Subway Video Art Night – June 14th

Our block in LIC has never been hotter.  This Saturday, in conjunction with Local Project (our awesome artist neighbors), we are hosting the Fourth Edition of the Under the Subway Video Art Night curated by Antonio Ortuño.  Back when Local Project was based in the 5 Pointz building, they would project the videos on a wall literally under the subway line.  Now that they’ve moved to our neck of the woods, we’re a couple of blocks from the subway but the name has stuck.  

From 4:30-7pm, head to Local Project to check out Balam Sotos interactive video wall.  Balam Soto merges existing and custom, digital technology with artistic concepts and aesthetics to create exploratory works, including interactive art installations, digital murals, art video and performance. By merging art and technology, Balam provides a seamless interaction between humans and technology, creating artworks that react to the presence or behaviors of individuals. Balam works independently on the artistic and technical sides of his artworks.  You’ll be able to move the projections with a wave of your hand!  How cool is that?

Afterwards, join us here at The Local for the projection of the videos.  Art has been submitted by dozens of artists from all over the world.  We’re excited to see what Antonio has in store for us and hope that you’ll join us for a night of great art.