NYC pizza

Our Top 5 Brooklyn Pizza Joints

NYC’s first pizzeria, Lombardi’s, was opened by an immigrant from Naples in 1905.  Pizzas were 5₵ a pie.  Nowadays, pizza is synonymous with NYC.  Ask a New Yorker what their favorite pizza joint is, and a heated debate will ensue.  Don’t even get people started on which style is the best!   Get in on the conversation and try a few for yourself.  Let us know which is your favorite!

  1. Joe’s Pizza – No frills, just cheap slices hot out of the oven. Stick to plain cheese for a taste of true New York style pizza in Williamsburg. (216 Bedford Ave, L Train: Bedford Avenue)
  2. Paulie Gee’s – Head to Greenpoint to sample some Neapolitan style pizza with non-traditional toppings influenced by some of the original pizzaiolo’s of NYC. Try the Hell Boy with Brooklyn-made Mike’s Hot Honey!  (60 Greenpoint Ave, G Train: Greenpoint Ave)
  3. Totonno’s – This Coney Island joint spun off from Lombardi’s and opened in 1924. We’re talking pizza royalty. The line may be hours long on the weekends, but check them out during the week for easy entry.  It doesn’t get more classic. (1524 Neptune Ave, D,F,N,Q Trains: Coney Island – Stillwell Ave)
  4. Barboncino – Located in the hip Crown Heights neighborhood, this place is the newest on the list. The pizza is Neapolitan style and near perfect. Check out other bars & restaurants on Franklin Avenue after. (781 Franklin Ave, 2,3,4,5 Trains: Franklin Ave)
  5. Lucali’s – When I jump into a debate about favorite pizza, this one is my winner. Not much for tradition, they’re signature item is the calzone. Don’t be shy.  Order a large or two and ask for garlic and fresh basil.  It’s BYO, cash only, and no reservations.  Thank me later.  Also, the owner was stabbed in a lover’s quarrel once.  Google it. (575 Henry St, F,G Trains: Carroll St)