“Dancer in MocoMoco” September 19 – November 22

We have new art at The Local!  “Dancer in MocoMoco” features a selection of installation, photographs, video art, and live performances by  diverse artists. Join us for the opening of the exhibition with a party and live performance on Friday, September 19th from 6-9pm.

“Dancer in MocoMoco” is a collaborative art project that combines Jaiseok Kang’s favorite photography theme of “Dancer” and Natsuko Hattori’s sculpture series “MocoMoco”.  “MocoMoco” is a Japanese word that refers to a soft or puffy surface and the comforting feeling, which is the framework behind Natsuko’s sculptures that allows her to express her philosophy and experiences on themes such as broken love, friendship, grandmother’s essence, earthquake sadness, joy of making, marriage bittersweet, and cherry blossom.  You can read more about the collaboration here.

Both artists work in the LIC neighborhood and we are thrilled to display their work over the course of the month.  Join us for the party or stop by any time to enjoy the art.