Happy Halloween!

NYC’s Creepiest Haunted Houses

It’s October. That means delights like pumpkin patches, apple picking, fall foliage, and pee-your-pants scary haunted houses! Here’s a round up of what NYC has to offer.

Blood Manor
5,000 square feet of passageways, labrinths and general freakiness. It’s been described as the “Rocky Horror of haunted houses” so more fun and showy than downright terrifying. The entire tour is 25-30 minutes, and tickets are $30 in advance. They do have student and group discounts.

Nightmare NYC
This place makes you fill out cards in line stating what terrifies you most. Then they pull some people out during the tour to use their fears against them. Sick or highly entertaining? I’ve heard this place has crazy lines, but they offer timed ticketing online for $30.

Blackout Elements
This has been describd as “immersive horror theater.” You’re required to climb, crawl and feel your way through dark passageways – BY YOURSELF. No one under 18 is allowed. I’ve heard this one can get a little freaky some nudity and touching. That and tickets are $45. I’d only recommend to seriously open minded people.

And for those willing to travel for terror, my absolute favorite haunted house ever is in Philadelphia…

Terror Behind the Walls
This haunted house is staged every year at the Eastern State Penitentiary in downtown Philly. The site is freaky enough during daylight, let alone when it’s all dressed up and ready to spook. This is guaranteed, pack some Depends scary, mostly because it is probably legitimately haunted. I screamed like a little girl the entire way through, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.