Important Announcements for All Guests Staying/Arriving after March 22nd

Hello Intrepid Travelers!

We hope you are feeling well in these uncertain times.  We are doing our best to adapt to the evolving situation.  Below are some very important updates about changes we are making to comply with recently introduced State policies and in order to ensure your health and safety. 

Updated New York State Laws

New York State has released new rules to limit non-essential activities outside of one’s place of residence. 

The policies that apply to you:

  • When in public individuals must practice social distancing of at least six feet from others
    • You may go outside as long as social distancing is practiced.
    • You may visit grocery stores: the closest open grocery store is Key Foods at the corner of 44th Drive and 21st Street; there is a nicer option called Foodcellar Market on 44th Road and Crescent St.
    • You may visit the bank: the closest option is Citibank at 44th Road and Jackson Avenue.
  • You should limit use of public transportation to when absolutely necessary and should limit potential exposure by spacing out at least six feet from other riders

Changes to Reception Hours

We have decided to make some operational changes in order to better serve you.

Beginning Monday, March 23, we will be operating as follows:

  • The reception desk will only be open between the hours of 9am-noon and 5pm to 8pm

If you are checking in, please come during these hours. If you need to make changes to your reservation, we ask that you please do so between these hours.  If you know that you will need to check out of the hostel at a time that is outside of these hours, please let us know a day in advance so that we can make accommodations.

  • Outside of these hours, you may contact management in the case of emergency via Call, SMS or Whatsapp at (646) 828-7273.

Please note that any non-emergency calls between the hours of 10pm-7am will incur a charge of $20.  This includes lock-outs, check-outs outside of posted reception hours, etc.

For anything non-emergency information please email us at and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

  • Please give our front desk staff your email address and phone number upon arrival. We may be communicating with guests via Whatsapp in order to deliver up to the moment information.
  • Front Door access will be controlled by a PIN  – Please stop by the front desk for the PIN number.  We will change the number frequently and will update you when we do.
  • Our café and bar services are limited.  Coffee is available during our morning reception hours and beer & wine are available during the evening hours.


We have placed bottles of sanitizer and cleaning rags in each of your rooms so that you may sanitize surfaces as you use them.  Please let us know if you need more solution or a fresh rag.

We will be changing our housekeeping practices starting Monday to emphasize sanitation above all.

Your Health

If you feel that you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus while staying with us (fever, dry cough, body aches, shortness of breath) PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ROOM and call or email us immediately.  It is imperative that you do not infect other so we ask that you REMAIN IN YOUR ROOM AND CALL OR EMAIL RECEPTION.  We have protocols in place to help you get what you need without further infecting others.

Please let us know if you have any questions by calling us at +1-347-738-5251 (reception) or emailing us at  We really appreciate your trust and confidence at this time and are working our hardest to make sure you are safe and secure.

Be well,

The Local Team